Wednesday, October 26, 2016

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 || WEEK FOUR

It's hard to believe we are on week 4! Ahhhhh! I'm sure a lot of people involved in this challenge are much better at planning ahead and already have their spaces finished. Why don't I do that??? Maybe I like to make it more exciting for myself, and by exciting I mean stressful with a side of nail-biting anxiousness. Even if these challenges are a little stressful the really fun thing is that there is a very supportive community out there (thank you all), and they all know exactly what you are going through. You should go check out some of these other amazing participants over at
Calling It Home.

Ok, on to the current situation and happenings here in our formal living room. So...most of the big pieces of furniture have arrived. Yay! That part I planned pretty well. Although, I am still waiting for the console. Boo! Anyway, here's a sneak peek of the pieces that have gotten here...

The Sofa
(My husband actually picked it out! He has pretty good taste!)

We chose the Kennedy sofa from MGBW
The fabric has a nice subtle sheen to it and a very pretty texture.

The Chairs

These are my favorite. They are really beautiful in person. The delivery guy even said they were good looking chairs. I don't think he liked anything else because there wasn't a peep about any of the other pieces he unwrapped! Ha!

I love the dark gray with the brass. These make me so happy!
Avery Chair MGBW

The Ottoman came out great and the lucite legs are my favorite part!

The cats also approve!

Kira XL Ottoman MGBW

The final piece to arrive was our dining bench. I was a little worried at first about picking a pattern, but going with a tonal one felt a little bit safer. It's nice to throw a little pattern into the mix and I love how it came out.

Finley Bench MGBW

Ok, on to one of the biggest challenges for me... the rug. The rug has been driving me bonkers. What I thought I wanted changed about 10 times. So here is the one I started with on my design board.

It just ended up being too light. It was nice in person and I loved the subtle gray stripes, but it just didn't work for the space. Plus, my husband said he felt like the room was getting too feminine with all of the light colors and this rug was just too much. 

So, this was definitely a contender...

Loved the abstract pattern, but the grays were a little too cool and didn't quite match the other pieces. It was super plush and soft. Beautiful rug in person and totally recommend! 

I also found this rug because my best friend is thinking about buying it...
I love the pattern, but not sure if it really fits the space. This is an awesome deal for the size. So affordable and it looks like it gets great reviews! Definitely a great option if you don't want to spend too much. 

I think I may need to get this for a front door option.

Ok, so this may be the winner. I'm living with it for a little while to make sure, but here is where I'm at. It has a nice pattern in light gray and dark gray stripes. I like that there is a pattern, but it is subtle enough that it won't take away from the furniture which is the real star. The stripes also lend themselves to a little bit more of a modern feel.

It's also super soft! I'm really thinking this might be the one. Finally!!!

Now, I just need pillows, accessories, my console, and a bunch of other things to finish off the room!
Better get to work! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Kristine! Fellow ORC-er here visiting from the linkup because I spotted those fabulous chairs in a sea of photos and thought, "This person is my decor soulmate!"

    Would you believe I ordered the same barrel chairs for our own living room renovation?! Except mine are blush cream with chrome frames, but oh my, now that I see the gray and gold option, I'M OBSESSED! Following you on Insta so I can see how this gorgeous space turns out because I LOVE what I see so far!!!

    XO, Oksana |

    1. Hi Oksana! Thank you so much for stopping by. Your comments totally made my day! We were meant to be friends! I just adore the chairs too. I think they are so pretty and find myself just staring at them. I think your blush and chrome combo is just divine. I'm excited to see what you do with your space because I'm loving all of your design choices!