Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sleeping In

We love our relaxing master bedroom and it really is a representation of both my husband and myself. I really wanted a contrast of colors and a balance of masculine and feminine styles in this space. I also like soothing neutrals in the bedroom… who am I kidding, I like soothing neutrals everywhere! We went with a deeper BM taupe color on the walls, darker wood furniture and off-white bedding and curtains.

I’m all about linens in white or off-white. There is something about the light colors that always makes them feel so crisp and fresh. Baxter loves all of my bedding choices too!

Here are the details of our bed. The bedspread is a velvet channel quilt from Pottery Barn. Let me just tell you that switching from a duvet cover to a quilt has made life so much easier. There is no struggling to keep the duvet wrinkle-free and make sure the comforter stays evenly spread inside. This is a great quilt that you can throw in the washer and dryer. That was a must have with having fur babies! It is so easy to take care of and it looks great. Here is the link from Pottery Barn below.

Ok, on to the pillow shams. I chose shams from Restoration Hardware and they are from the Italian Hotel Satin Stitch Line. I just love the classic rows of satin stitch embroidery around the edges. I chose the ivory with black to coordinate with all of the colors in the bedroom. Monogrammed of course! This collection also comes in white with a variety of thread colors.

I am all about organic sheets and towels when possible. You spend so much time on these every night, why not be made with cotton that is organic. I try to make our house as toxin free as possible. That’s just something that is important to me. These are the sheets I went with in ivory. I also love a good monogram!

Ok, and last, but not least… throw pillows! My favorite and my husband’s least favorite. I tried to show a little constraint with the amount of throw pillows on our bed, so it was easy to actually make the bed every day, not just pretty for pictures. When I make the bed I just put our two sleeping pillows (1 King and 1 Standard each) behind the shams. Then to finish off the look two rectangular small throw pillows in front. Looks great, but super easy! I knew I wanted something a little edgier to balance out the traditional feel of the bed and bedding in here. That’s where Kelly Wearstler’s Channel fabric came in. I know it’s been used a ton, but I still love it. I think it is the perfect way to turn traditional in transitional.

I had Patricia from Southern Shades make the throw pillows for me. I chose to go with the double sided option and self cording. This is designer fabric so it is a bit of an investment piece, but to me they really are the star of the bed. Patricia makes really beautiful pillows and has high quality work. I totally recommend her if you are not a seamstress or if you don’t have anyone to custom make them for you. She has so many beautiful designer fabrics to choose from, and I love that she offers the cording option.

If there are any other details you are interested in knowing more about just leave me a comment here or on Instagram and I will be happy to get back to you!

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